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Milnaa Voted Company to Watch

1 Nov


Congratulations! Milnaa, Inc has been selected as a “2012 Company to Watch.” You were chosen from more than 100 start-ups and emerging growth companies who applied to participate in the 2012 Innovation Summit.

Meet Connecticut’s most promising technology innovators and view their products at the Connecticut Technology Council’s sixth annual awards program for emerging or start up companies in the state and the region who qualify with:

  • an innovative product or service,
  • and, the potential to grow quickly

The Innovation Summit is presented by CTC, the Crossroads Venture Group, and the Connecticut Innovation Ecosystem. This multi-faceted event celebrates this year’s early stage companies with the best potential for success.

The program includes a poster fair featuring the technologies and services of the designated Tech Companies to Watch, an elevator “pitch competition” which concludes with the selection of one overall winner, and the awards presentation for the top five companies in each of these Innovation Summit categories:

      1. Technology Product or Service
      2. Software Product
      3. Internet/New Media
      4. Life Sciences
      5. Green Technology

CTC has selected 75 companies to participate this year as Tech Companies to Watch, representing an array of technology verticals. Most are recent start-ups, a few are more mature tech companies who have been in business for a few years and have significant revenue. Several of the pre-revenue companies are at concept stage.


new startup website

22 Sep


What Milnaa does:

We provide a safe and secure place for social networking.

  • Our State of the Web tools and services allow you to communicate and share with friends, family, social groups and business connections
  • We provide total control of your data and privacy.

What Milnaa does NOT do:

  • Most Web-based enterprise entities make money from any number of sources. With the limitless power of software computing and database management, tracking, compiling, packaging and selling your personal information has never been easier – and too profitable for most such enterprise-level services to resist.

From day one, Milnaa’s strict policy regarding your privacy is absolute: you control your profile, and designate who can access the information it contains. You can trust that we will never provide personally identifiable information to anyone (without legal obligations in the jurisdictions involved).

  • Milnaa will never monitor your communications with friends, family, business contact or anyone else. Certainly not for profit derived by targeting advertising based on your private conversations.You will not see ads for life insurance or funeral homes because you discussed your potentially fatal illness with your kids.
  • Many of the Internet’s most popular sites, those with the greatest membership have gained those members by harvesting names and information from other sources – without permission or knowledge of those ”users”.

Only a Milnaa user can create their own account, or that of their business or group. Milnaa will not create artificial users.

  • Additionally, Milnaa believes every user should have complete control over the connections they wish to accept, maintain or remove.

Milnaa will not use any database monitor, content reader or other artificial technique to match connections on an unsolicited basis. In the future, we may offer some sort of application or service to accomplish such a result; however, it will be strictly by request as an opt-in service.

If you run into any issues or find something confusing, please let us know. We would like your feedback and suggestions; it can only help as we further develop and improve Milnaa.com for you and your friends.

New Social Networking Site

17 Sep


The next generation of FaceBook. Includes video conferencing, games, groups, and more. Milnaa guarantees your privacy and won’t expose your information on your personal page.

new social networking site in town

17 Sep


Milnaa is a powerful new social and business networking service.

A place for friends, family, businesses and groups to meet, collaborate and share everything digital through the power of the World Wide Web.

While our tools for networking between personal connections is very progressive, our State of the Web service is setting a new standard for privacy.

Milnaa will never sell your personal information. Not now. Not ever.

That is a powerful statement in this Internet Era when large companies profit greatly from the sale of your personal information including email address, phone number and related your personal interests.

All we do is make it easy for you to share whatever you want with your personal and business connections

Milnaa’s Office in Sililcon Valley

28 Aug

Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. Headquartered in Sunnyvale California, Plug and Play’s network includes over 300 tech startups, 180 investors and a community of leading Universities and Corporate partners